Apple products have long been known for their high quality, their intuitive design and their versatility. They’re also known for their cost. For many people who would really like to own Apple products—whether they’re interested in desktop computers, laptops, tablets or phones— those high prices can be a barrier to entering Apple’s universe.

But there’s good news for people who believe they’re priced out of Apple’s range: it’s easier than ever to buy refurbished Apple products from an Apple store in Chandler, AZ. The Orchard has been selling refurbished Apple products of all varieties since 2009, and just as Apple hasn’t slowed down when it comes to updating and improving its products, we haven’t slowed our commitment to providing refurbished Apple products of high quality. Here are some of the reasons to consider choosing refurbished Apple products, especially if you haven’t purchased an Apple product before:

  • Major savings: As we said, the very cost of Apple products is the most common barrier for buyers who haven’t yet purchased them. Apple rarely holds sales, and although it’s possible to get certain discounts when you buy directly from Apple, for most people, the extra savings just doesn’t bring the price down enough. This is where buying refurbished Apple products may be just the right option. Refurbished Apple products are often sold at prices far lower than you’ll find when shopping through Apple. And on top of the savings, you’re not getting a substantially different product. It’s a win-win all around!
  • High quality: When you buy refurbished Apple products, particularly from a store like The Orchard that specializes in the repair and sales of Apple desktop and laptop computers, iPads and iPhones, you can rest assured you’ll be getting high quality products. “Refurbished” should not be confused with “used”—whereas used products have typically not undergone any repairs, modifications or even cosmetic touch-ups, refurbished products have been inspected, repaired and in many cases even had old parts exchanged for brand-new ones. In other words, you don’t have to worry about a
    refurbished Apple product turning into a nightmare the second you take it home.
  • Little difference between refurbished and new: Because refurbished Apple products have gone through such an extensive process to get them ready for resale, you’re not just getting a product that’s better than used—you’re getting products in like-new condition. They’ll be fully functional and rebuilt to last. While we’re happy to repair Apple products—and we do it a lot—it’s never our goal to sell you a product that’s going to need to be repaired sooner rather than later. In the end, you’ll find that, if there are any differences between your refurbished Apple product and the brand-new version for which you could’ve paid much more, they’ll be largely cosmetic.

The team at The Orchard has a combined two decades of experience selling, repairing and gaining knowledge of Apple products. If you’re looking for an Apple store in Chandler, AZ that can provide the quality refurbished products, dependable repairs and friendly, knowledgeable service you need, come see us today!

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