MacBook and iMac Repair in Chandler and Mesa, AZ

Whether you’re an avid online shopper, you rely on your computer to work from home or you’re just someone who finds a desktop more user-friendly than a tablet, it’s important that your Mac is functioning in the capacity you expect it to. If for some reason your MacBook or iMac isn’t on par with your expectations, it might be time to visit The Orchard.

At The Orchard, our staff is equipped to handle any and all MacBook and iMac problems, in both hardware and software capacities. Whether it’s a matter of running some diagnostics to see what’s wrong with your MacBook or a need for comprehensive iMac repair that brings you into our store, we’ll happily address the issue with expertise and professionalism. It’s our mission to get to the bottom of the problem and return your MacBook or iMac to you in prime working order so that you can go back to life at the keyboard as usual. Some of our services include:



Data Transfer


Fast Pass Service *


Software Installation


*Fast Pass Service places your repair in top priority above all others for a quick turnaround


Along with these encompassing services, we’re also happy to offer a number of upgrades to you that may help to
improve the form and function of your MacBook or iMac. Take a look at some of these options:

Desktop Hard Drive Upgrade

Starting From $99.99

Solid State Drive Upgrade

Why upgrade to SSD?

Starting From $149.99

Ram Upgrades

Starting From $49.99

Let us assist you with any and all of your desktop and laptop woes and we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the results you get back. From little upgrades and tweaks to your iMac to complete MacBook repair, we’ve got you covered.

For more information about any of the services we offer or to learn more about our capabilities, please don’t hesitate to visit any of our three locations today!

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