Refurbished Apple iMacs & Mac Pro

At The Orchard we stock affordable refurbished iMacs and Mac Pro towers. If you are shopping for a quality affordable iMac or Mac Pro The Orchard has what you are looking for. Our inventory of  iMac’s and Mac Pro’s have all been refurbished to like new condition with complete attention to detail.  Visit one of our three valley locations in Mesa, Chandler, or Phoenix to shop and compare our full selection of Apple iMacs, Mac Minis and Mac Pros.


Apple Desktops


Mac Mini

The smallest desktop computer revolutionized the way that people thought about the desktop computer. Unlike all other home computers …​


Mac Pro

The Apple Mac Pro tower is the workhorse computer in the Apple computer lineup. It is primarily used for the Graphic Arts, Music editing and Video production industries. There is not a more powerful



The Apple iMac with the Aluminum casing was originally released in 2007. It was basically just a style adjustment for the older iMac with the white casing. One of the coolest things about the Aluminum iMac is that there is. After Apple discontinued the iMac G5 in early 2006, they switched to the intel processor. The white iMac Intel was the first Mac desktop to not use the PowerPC processor…​

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