There’s a sinking feeling that you get when your laptop’s speed suddenly begins to slow down. You notice it won’t hold a charge as long as it used to and the “spinning wheel of death” appears on the screen more often than not.

When the time comes, don’t stress about having to buy the newest and best—a brand new one can be expensive and not everyone can afford one. Instead, consider investing in refurbished Apple laptops in Chandler, AZ. An older, professionally refurbished model is capable of working at a super high level, like a new out-of-the-box laptop! Here are five upgrades that will breathe new life into a refurbished Apple laptop:

  1. New battery: Over time, your Apple laptop’s battery will hold less of a charge, eventually leading to the laptop not charging at all. No one wants to have to be permanently attached to an electrical socket and charger, but that’s what can happen if your laptop’s battery goes dead. Replacing the original battery in a refurbished laptop with a brand new one will no doubt boost power in the device.
  2. Solid state hard drive: This is the electronic circuitry that is built entirely out of semiconductor and is the device’s primary storage. All the storage on a solid state hard drive is handled by flash memory chips, which provides three advantages for your laptop: less power being used, faster access to data and it will have higher reliability
  3. RAM increase: Random Access Memory (RAM) increases your device’s available memory or its capability. Increasing the RAM can be useful if you want to increase speed and overall performance so that you can use multiple programs simultaneously. Since there are risks involved with replacing computer hardware components, it is best to leave this to the professionals.
  4. New trackpad: Decline in the trackpad’s touch sensitivity or calibration could be reasons why a trackpad may need replacing, especially in refurbished laptops. Because it is a delicate piece and its location in the unit is tricky to access, Apple laptop trackpads can be difficult to repair. But, an expert can do this through careful disassembly.
  5. Update to the newest operating system: Even if you don’t know what OSX Yosemite is, you have seen it appear in your Apple updates. For your laptop to remain efficient, it is very important to be up-to-date with the newest operating system, which is no exception when it comes to refurbished Apple laptops in Chandler, AZ. Ask your local laptop refurbishing business to help you update your system before you take it home!

Are you worried that you will have to spend the last of your life savings to replace your old, slow Apple laptop with a brand new one? Put your worries aside and come visit The Orchard for a selection of quality refurbished Apple laptops in Chandler, AZ. The Orchard replaces questionable components and always makes sure their refurbished laptops are cleaned up both inside and out to provide you with the best computer performance possible.

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