If you’re in the market for a new laptop, chances are you’ll find Apple laptops to be more user-friendly and longer lasting than many alternatives. However, Apple products are also known for being expensive, and not everyone can afford to buy brand new Apple products or justify making such a big purchase.

Fortunately, there is an alternative to buying a brand new MacBook: purchasing a refurbished one! As a store that sells refurbished Apple laptops in Chandler, AZ, we know that consumers can sometimes be wary of buying refurbished products, as they worry about lower quality and obsolescence. However, refurbished products are often the way to go, especially if you value the quality of a MacBook but balk at the standard retail price. Here are five reasons why you can feel confident about purchasing refurbished Apple laptops in Chandler, AZ:

  • What refurbished means: “Refurbished” isn’t just a fancy word for “used.” In order for any secondhand product to be classified as refurbished, it has to be thoroughly cleaned, have any defective parts replaced and be wiped of all foreign software or hardware. That means that when you buy a refurbished Apple laptop, you’ll never have to worry about a preexisting malfunction or faulty part.
  • Apple warranty: On the off chance that there is a problem that the refurbishing experts don’t catch, you can usually rely on Apple’s one-year warranty on officially refurbished products. So when it comes to reliability and quality, a refurbished Apple laptop is just as good as a brand new one.
  • Lower price: Obviously, a big incentive to buy any refurbished product is that the price will be significantly lower. No, you won’t have the newest, shiniest version on the market, but you’ll have a quality, dependable and powerful machine from a reputable manufacturer for a fraction of the cost.
  • Apple products last: When compared to some PC brands, Apple computers are known to last much longer, which means that you’ll be getting plenty of bang for your buck even if you do buy a secondhand MacBook. Sure, you could buy a brand new, lower quality PC for about the same price as a refurbished MacBook, but there’s a good chance you’d wind up using the MacBook longer. Apple computers are also extremely virus-resistant when compared to PCs, so you shouldn’t have to worry too much about having to pay for virus removal.
  • Good for the environment: Do you ever think about how many different computers, phones, TVs and other electronic devices you’ve gotten rid of throughout your lifetime? Discarded electronics build up quickly and are difficult to safely dispose of, making them very bad for the environment. You probably already recycle bottles, cans, paper and more, so you may as well continue to do your part by purchasing recycled electronics.

We know that some people have to be in line outside the Apple store the first day a new product comes out. If you tend to roll your eyes at these types but still appreciate the quality and longevity of Apple products, then you might want to consider a refurbished MacBook the next time you’re in the market for a new computer.

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