Few things in this world are as divided as Mac and PC—rarely do you ever see someone crossing over the boundaries to use devices from both companies or making a definitive switch to one after using the other for years. But it does happen from time to time, and when it does, it can be quite the culture shock to say the least!

If you’ve been using a PC all your life and transitioning to Mac products for one reason or another, take a look at some important tips that will make the transition smoother and easier to adjust to:

  • First off, find a comparable product to learn the operating system on. If you’ve had a Windows laptop for years, it’s going to be a weird transition to iOS on an iPad—instead, transition over to a refurbished Apple laptop in Chandler, AZ and get to know OSX. This will give you a direct transition that you can eventually adapt into learning about iOS.
  • If you’re a Windows command wizard it’s going to be a bit of an adjustment to perform those same commands on Mac. Unlike Windows keyboards, which have built in keys for certain commands, Mac keyboards are much more streamlined, meaning you’re going to have to pick up on a few more key commands to stay fluid. Don’t worry—they’re easy enough to learn!
  • Swipe gestures are huge across Apple devices, so get to know them right off the bat for a better user experience and a quicker pickup time when it comes to learning how to maneuver in the iOS and OSX environments.
  • Familiarize yourself with the file browser and get to know the common locations for where you’ll be saving files and programs. For PC, this is usually done by navigating to the C:// drive, however on Mac, it’s all about opening your user profile in the Finder. Don’t worry, you can add shortcuts to your dock and Finder windows to help you keep your place!
  • Quitting an application in Mac is different from PC in that hitting the red X button doesn’t do the trick—it simply closes the active window. Instead, you’ll need to choose “File, Quit” from the top menu or drop the ‘ol “Command+Q” shortcut.
  • Need help finding something on your new refurbished Apple laptop in Chandler, AZ? Hitting “Command+Space” will bring up the Spotlight viewer, which is your ticket to searching the entire computer in seconds. Just type in what you’re looking for and away you go!
  • Looking for the right program to help you with a task or a great new game you can waste some time with? The App Store has everything you need in the way of Apple-approved and trusted programs, which means you don’t have to scour the internet for them or go through unsavory channels to download them.

The list could go on and on, but above are a few core tips that should get you started if you’re transitioning from PC to Mac. As you get more familiar with your new Mac, you’ll begin to pick things up intuitively and eventually, it’ll be like you’ve always used a Mac!

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