Mac Repair FAQ’s Phoenix – Chandler – Mesa, AZ

To ensure you have all of the correct information regarding refurbished computers from The Orchard, please read our FAQ’s below. If you have further questions, please feel free to give us a call, send us an email, or visit us at one of our three valley locations. Our Apple computer specialists will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Q: Where do your computers come from?

A: Approximately 99% of the laptops and desktops sold at the Orchard come from large corporations. Most corporations lease computers rather than buy them. At the end of the corporate lease term, we purchase the computers. The Orchard only purchases computers that we can refurbish to the best standards. Our Mac and PC specialists perform a thorough and complete diagnostic on each unit, replace questionable components, and clean them as thoroughly as possible. When you purchase your computer from The Orchard it will be in “like new” condition.

Q: What should I expect when I purchase a Refurbished Product From The Orchard?

A: – Substantial savings and incredible value

– A fully functional computer that meets your needs and expectations

– Complete assurance that the unit you have purchased meets quality standards, and that all defective components have been replaced

Q: Do you accept trade-ins?

A: We do accept trade-in’s.  We require a 24 hour testing period prior to providing a trade-in value.  We have Apple Diagnostic tests that we perform on each trade-in prior to providing a trade-in value.

Q: Does The Orchard sell and service PC’s?​

A. At The Orchard, we specialize in Apple Products, but we do also sell and service PC’s.  Our technicians are highly skilled and trained on both platforms and this allows us to consult with and support our customers who might use both products.

Q: Why Mac over a PC?

A: When Apple manufactures a computer system they use only the best parts and build every unit with surgical precision. Mac computers are far less prone to viruses. In comparison to PC’s where upgrades typically are complicated and cost money, OS upgrades for MAC computers are simple and free. Mac users and owners also feel that an Apple is much easier in general to use than a PC system. By using better parts and avoiding viruses Mac owners are far more likely to depend on their computer for longer periods of time than PC owners. If you are still contemplating the switch to Apple , give us a call. We are happy to arrange for an in-house demonstration of our Mac computer inventory.

​Q: Does The Orchard sell Apple laptops only?

A: The Orchard proudly sells quality Apple laptops and Apple desktops.  In addition to Apple laptops and desktops, we also sell Windows PC’s and Windows-based laptops.

Q: What is the standard warranty on computers purchased from The Orchard?

A: All computers sold at The Orchard come with a pre-owned computer warranty. The Orchard’s Apple computer warranty is a standard 30/365 warranty. This means that all of the parts, software, diagnostic and labor charges are covered for 30 days. All labor, diagnostics, and software charges are covered for 1 full year after the original date of purchase. The warranty covers any manufacture defect that may occur but does not cover user or accidental damage. For example, if your disk drive stops working, it will be covered. The claim would be void, however, if it comes back with any physical or liquid damage. We include the full details of the warranty policy on the back of every invoice. Please contact one of our stores for full and complete details about our Apple and PC computer warranties.

Q: What is the return policy at The Orchard?

A: All items purchased from The Orchard may be returned within 7 days of the original purchase date. All returns are subject to our standard return policy. Please contact any of our stores for full and complete return policy information. Our complete return policy can be found on the back of every customer receipt.​

Q: Does The Orchard repair Apple computers?

A: Yes, The Orchard specializes in helping you get your Mac up and running again. We service all Apple computers. At The Orchard we strive to offer the most affordable Mac repair service in the Valley. Please visit our Repair and Upgrades page for more information. We specialize in Apple computer repair in Phoenix and surrounding valley cities. Give us a call today to discuss your specific Mac repair needs.

Q: Does The Orchard support any non-profit organizations?

A: The Orchard is a proud supporter of many local charities and community organizations throughout Arizona. It is our goal to provide a “green” solution to local Phoenix residents while giving back as much as possible to the Phoenix community that supports us. We team up with local charitable organizations to sponsor a wide range of events from electronics drives to donation programs. If you are an administrator of a local program or charity, please do not hesitate to contact us regarding opportunities to help our local community.

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